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Become a daily Roam user in 30 days.

Learn Roam one day at a time
...so you can APPLY each concept.

Learn Roam for 30 days
...because that's how long it will take to create a habit.

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Starting from step 0

Zero existing knowledge required. Built for non-technical users.

• Set up your Roam graphs
• Learn how to format blocks and bullets
• Develop a daily Roam practice
• Low friction task management
• Dead-simple note taking and Zettelkasten
• Daily Note system & journaling

4 weeks. 30 days. 100+ principles.

22 live sessions. All videos available on demand.

Daily Lessons

Learn between 1 - 3 essential Roam techniques every day.

Each technique builds towards one of five core skills.

Live Sessions

I'll restart my Roam from scratch so I can build alongside you.

Each weekday will include live Q&A + a daily lesson.

5 Core Skills

DIY your Roam with clear learning destinations.

We'll structure the course around the five core skills I use most often in Roam.


• Daily Note
• Page Creation
• Linked References
• Unlinked References
• Seach Bar
• Sidebar
• Title Management
• Indentation
• Filtering
• Searching
• Bullet Management
• Hotkeys
• Quick Capture
• Readwise 101
• Block References
• Embedding
• Templates 101
• Queries 101

The 5 Core Skills

Build your Roam towards proven frameworks


Create your daily activity log, template, and to-do tracker.


Cultivate consistent habits, mental clarity, and gratitude practices.


Capture, track, and organize a growing collection of resources, perfectly tagged to retrieve later.


Pick a topic to rapidly develop expertise in, then turn into concrete output.


Gain a bird's eye-view over how your long-term priorities fit into your weekly actions and daily list.


Who is this course for?

The course is ideal for folks who are either starting with Roam Research for the very first time or have been using Roam for some time now, but haven't figured out how to make it part of their daily practice.

We'll start from the absolute basics and build up to fluency, focused on building out core Roam pages that intermediate users rely on. If you're a project-based learner or want a live learning environment with a lot of feedback, this is for you.

This isn't a tips and tricks grab-bag. We don't go into CSS, plugins, or advanced queries and templating. Just the basics - applied powerfully to useful day-to-day productivity in Roam!

Do I need to sign up for a paid Roam Research account (or free trial) to take this course?

While the 100% experience won't be possible without access to your own Roam graph, you will have access to a shared Roam graph if you buy the course. So technically, you could use that shared graph exclusively while you try out Roam for the first time - or however long you need - no paid account required.

However, I'd suggest signing up for a free 31 day trial or pay for a single month on Roam if you're on the fence. $15 is a worthy (potentially life-changing) investment in yourself!

When does enrollment close?

The course is now sold out - we sold our 50 initial spots in the first 24 hours!

Please sign up to the waitlist to learn when the course opens next.

What's the live course schedule? What if I can't attend live?

The first live session is on April 19th, at 10 AM CDT (GMT -5). The final live session will be on May 18th.

Live sessions are around 45 minutes on Monday through Fridays. You can attend as many of the live sessions as you like - or watch them later at your own pace.

VOD recordings of all live sessions will be distributed daily by the end of the same day they happen.

(If there's interest, we can arrange a Watch Party for those who can't attend live and want to review multiple days at once.)

When will the course be offered again?

The earliest possible next date for a live cohort would be in September 2021, but there's no set schedule at this time.

A free self-paced course inspired by this course's content is planned for release via email list & YouTube, so sign up for updates.

What does Early Access mean? How many students will be participating?

I'll be learning together with you how this course works and how to most effectively teach this material. Things might be improvisational or change direction based on student feedback mid-week. That's the idea!

You'll have lots of access to me, and I'll give you free access to future versions of this course. We'll be limiting attendees to 50 people to have an intimate & engaged experience.

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